Biomechanical setup development in progress

The working progress resulted in a first version of the measurement setup, which allows to track ground reaction forces using 2 force platforms and kinematic parameters of the lower extremities during walking and stair climbing via a Vicon motion capturing system, comprising of 8 infrared cameras. For a first test session, the results are very satisfying. As a next step, the final staircase construction needs to be implemented in the setup and the Cleveland Clinic Marker Set, which is chosen to be used for data collection, has to be furnished.

The development of the biomechanical setup to investigate kinetics, kinematics and spatiotemporal parameters of obese children during walking and stair climbing is moving forward. Dr. Brian Horsak, David Artner MSc and Barbara Pobatschnig BSc spent two days on the build up and testing of a first preliminary setup.